Bathroom solutions you can feel good about.

Cleanwaste offers a variety of products that help protect medical professionals, and those in their care, from human waste-related illnesses. And as our aging population continues to grow, so will the need for this kind of protection.

  • By 2030 there will be over 71 million Baby Boomers in the US population & 36% of them are projected to need a bedside commode.
  • 7.9% of the general population stays overnight in a hospital each year, 4.7 million of them will require a bedside commode during their stay.
  • Bedridden patients typically have one or multiple issues like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Dementia, Mobility Issues, Cardiac & Pulmonary Issues such as CHF or COPD.

Cleanwaste helps protect, and restore dignity, to medical personnel and patients alike.


Pee-Wee® Unisex Urine Bag

Sani-Bag+® Commode/Bedpan Liner

Our Sani-Bag+® commode/bedpan liner is 99.9% effective in
preventing the spread of diseases and microbes such as E. coli, C. diff, MRSA, and COVID-19. 

Trusted business partner

In addition to our many retail partners—both online and in the real world—Cleanwaste is a trusted resource for the U.S. military. So whether you need us out in the woods, or on the front line, you can rely on Cleanwaste to be there for you.


Having plenty of product on hand and ready to ship isn’t a problem for Cleanwaste. We keep our warehouses stocked and trucks ready to roll.

Environmentally responsible

When you love the outdoors, the importance of keeping our environment as clean as possible is always top of mind. Cleanwaste creates environmentally friendly products that let people enjoy the great outdoors without worry, and without leaving a trace.


Our medical distributors.

Here are just a few of the major U.S. and international medical distributors that carry Cleanwaste products.