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    The Toilet in a Bag® is the no frills version of Cleanwaste’s premium GO Anywhere Toilet Kit®. Perfect for any and every outdoor adventure, the Toilet in a Bag® can be used with our portable toilet or by itself for an even more convenient option. Easily disposed of in normal trash, Toilet in a Bag can go anywhere that you go, so when you need to answer “nature’s call”, just know it’s in the bag.

    What’s included: 15 or 30 toilet bags, enough Poo Powder® for 15 or 30 waste treatments, 1 scoop.

    Available in:

    • 15 count size.
    • 30 count size.
    + Handled bag for secure tie closure. + Includes enough Poo Powder for 15 waste treatments. + Each treatment gels 24 oz. of waste. + Dispose in normal trash.
    + Open one toilet bag. + Place one scoop of Poo Powder in the bottom of the bag. + Can be used with the Go Anywhere Portable Toilet®, on the ground, or any portable toilet of your choice.  + Once used, tie the handles for secure closure.  + Dispose of in any normal trash.

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    Outdoor recreation, Road trips, Sporting events, Concerts, Tailgating


    Natural disasters, In emergency kits, Fire fighting, In emergency vehicles


    Home Healthcare, Acute care, Long term care, Hospice and Hospitals


    Remote FOBs, On training rotations or transports


    On the road, Long-haul trucks, On the job, Construction sites



    “These are perfect for dry-camping. I used them in my Eurovan and didn't have to get out during a thunderstorm to hike to the bathroom. I bought one box 6 months ago, then bought 4 more boxes for the summer. Highly recommend!”
    Tina B -
    “Easy to use. Disposing a breeze. When traveling we use to line toilet in camper, so don’t have to be weighted down with extra water. These work great!”
    Beckey Brockman -
    "Good value for a reliable product. Have used these tent camping with a luggable loo - so nice to not have to fight my way out of a tent with a full bladder. And more recently used in an earthquake zone when water had not yet been restored to the house. Part of my regular emergency supplies now in addition to camping supplies.”
    Anonymous -