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Score Big with Cleanwaste: Portable Toilets Revolutionize Youth Outdoor Sports!


If you’re a parent, athlete, or spectator of youth outdoor sports, chances are you spend a significant amount of time outdoors. From track and field to cross country, from golf to field hockey, from rugby to soccer to baseball – inevitably, sports enthusiasts have all faced the challenge of finding a place to use the bathroom.

Bathroom accommodations aren’t always guaranteed when it comes to youth outdoor sports. Practices, matches, courses, and games are often far from the nearest bathroom, creating an uncomfortable crap conundrum: to go… or to hold it?

From the experts at Cleanwaste, we’re here to tell you there are ways to alleviate your “gotta go!” woes. As a portable toilet company, we’ve spent over 20 years helping you go with confidence. Here’s why you should consider a portable toilet for your outdoor youth sports experience.  

Convenient portable toilets are cost-efficient.

Unless you manage multiple facilities, you likely don’t have control over bathroom availability. You’ve probably found yourself disheartened at a locked bathroom door, running to the woods to relieve yourself, or holding your breath as you squat over a disgusting porta-potty. We’ve all been there.

That’s why an outdoor portable toilet shelter with a compact commode can really come in handy for youth outdoor sports. Coaches and parents can take control over their bathroom blunders with a portable, lightweight, easy-to-pack, complete toilet system.

For example, Cleanwaste’s GO Anywhere Total System kit:

  • Is lightweight (18 lbs)
  • Comes in a single backpack with a privacy tent
  • Includes 20 waste alleviation and gelling (WAG) bags, a portable toilet, and a privacy shelter. 

You can throw it over your shoulder with the rest of your gear, leaving your potty problems behind.

When you consider a portable toilet system alongside a costly and stationary porta-potty that needs to be rented, cleaned, and pumped – there’s no comparison.

Safe, sanitary, private: qualities you want in a portable bathroom solution.

As parents and players analyze the action from the sidelines, you need to ensure your people have access to safe, sanitary, and private restroom accommodations. With the Go Anywhere Privacy Shelter, which you can buy separately or as part of the Total System, you can create your own bathroom space where it’s most convenient. Players don’t have to choose between holding it and losing practice or playing time.

Odor-free is even better. When you choose Cleanwaste, you can guarantee that your waste won’t cause any smelly distractions. Using our WAG bags as a part of your portable commode includes our super absorbent powder, which solidifies and gels waste within 10 seconds.

But where do you dispose of portable toilet waste? With Cleanwaste products, that part is convenient, too. Our Original WAG BAG® fits inside your portable toilet, so after you do your business, all you have to do is seal the waste bag to prevent spills and throw it away in the garbage. It’s simple, easy, and hygienic.

The best compact portable toilet for outdoor sports

Lightweight, portable toilets are great for outdoor sports. It can be packed with you, is easy to set up, and guarantees a private, sanitary place to do your business. Whether your team travels with a trailer or you throw it in your backseat with your gear, Cleanwaste’s Go Anywhere Portable Toilet is perfect as your just-in-case bathroom on the field.

So take control of your bathroom facilities this season. Game on – and go with confidence!

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