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Adventure Awaits: Portable Toilet Innovations for Cleaner Summer Escapes

Summer is here, and your travel plans are locked in. Whether you’re immersing yourself in nature, taking a cross-country trip, or hitting up a festival, packing correctly is key. And yes, as an outdoor enthusiast, you must prepare for the inevitable call of nature.

As the people who invented The Original WAG BAG®, we have a few tips to make your outdoor bathroom experiences less smelly, more convenient, and better for the environment.

What’s the Best Way to Poop Outside?

If your adventure takes you outdoors, you need to learn to poop responsibly. According to Leave No Trace, proper human waste disposal is crucial to prevent water pollution, minimize disease spread, and aid decomposition.

As an outdoor adventurer, you need to know the two main ways to poop outside safely.

1.   Dig a hole.

Leave No Trace advises digging a “cathole” to poop in and staying 200 feet away from water sources and trails. Remember to bury your waste and toilet paper or pack it out to minimize environmental impact, especially with a group.

Now I don’t know how many times you poop a day, but depending on how many people you have in your crew, that can be a lot of holes.

2.   Use Disposable WAG Bags.

Instead of digging in the dirt, you may opt for the disposable WAG bag route. Waste Alleviation and Gelling bags are specifically designed to turn your waste into a solid, immediately eliminating odors and making it possible to pack your poop out with you until you find a proper trash can. If you plan to travel to Mt. Whitney or stay overnight at Zion National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, or Mt. Rainier, you’ll be required to bring WAG bags with you.

What are some tips for using a WAG bag?

WAG Bags are versatile– they fit into various setups like dry toilets or buckets. Or, if you’re in a pinch, you can set them on the ground and squat. If you go with The Original WAG BAG®, you also get odor control and secure disposal bags. They also hold up to 32 oz of waste, 40% more than competitors.

Is it worth it to get an Outdoor portable toilet?

If you plan a longer stay where you can set up camp, YES. Look into a portable travel toilet for camping and hiking. Depending on the types of facilities available at your specific location, you may need it.

Let’s walk through the different outdoor adventures you may be planning this summer to decide what bathroom solution is best for you.

Hiking and Camping

The best portable hiking toilet may depend on your trip and your comfort level.

Here are our recommendations for hikers and campers.

  • A Bucket Commode: These are a great no-frills solution for outdoor excursions. Ours includes a full-sized, flexible toilet seat!
  • GO Anywhere Portable Toilet®: This product is excellent for groups enjoying adventures together and looking for a more comfortable bathroom solution. It provides the comfort and height of use of a standard toilet while supporting up to 500 pounds. You can even use it on uneven ground!

Road Trips

Are you road-tripping with the family? Bathroom solutions are essential to the trip, ensuring you have access to clean facilities no matter where the highway takes you.

Here are our packing recommendations for essentials you need for the road:

  • Restop 1: As a peeing-only solution, we recommend packing along the Restop 1. These are particularly convenient because they have a wide opening and a semi-rigid rim, making them easy to use by both men and women while on road trips. You can get a 3-pack for as low as $8.00.
  • Bucket commode: For those just-in-case emergencies, this outdoor commode fits easily in your vehicle, offering a practical solution for those long stretches without public bathrooms.

Keep driving with peace of mind.


Portable toilets for outdoor events are the perfect solution for keeping the party going at festivals, ensuring that you don’t miss a beat. And if you’re going to a festival like Burning Man in August, you know that “leave no trace” is one of the 10 principles of the event.

That’s why we recommend the following for our festival-going friends:

  • GO Anywhere Total System. Trust us, it’s worth it. It’s only 18 lbs and comes with a portable toilet, a privacy Shelter, 15 WAG bags, a large transport bag for used kits, and a backpack that stores everything. Plus, you can skip the stench of porta-potties while having private bathrooms.

Keep your festival experience clean and hassle-free with our best portable toilet for camping, easily adaptable for large outdoor gatherings.

Cleanwaste is here to help you find the best bathroom solutions. It’s a lot easier to go to the bathroom when the bathroom goes with you, so don’t let nature’s call disrupt your fun this summer!

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