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Conquer Everest’s New Poop Rule: WAG Bags Climbers Need to Consider

Poop bags are now a necessity for climbers who aspire to tackle Mt. Everest. While you might have heard of the growing trash problem on the world’s highest peak, you may not realize that going number two has been more of a number one problem on Everest for a while. As creators of the Original WAG Bag, here’s what you need to know about the poo problem at the top of the world.

Mt. Everest’s New Rule – Pack Out Your Poo

On February 9th, 2024, Nepali officials announced climbers must bring their waste back down Mt. Everest using Waste Alleviating Gel bags, also known as WAG bags. Mingma Sherpa, chairman of Pasang Lhamu rural municipality in Nepal, revealed to the BBC that they are “…getting complaints that human stools are visible on rocks and some climbers are falling sick.” This means you’ll need poop bags to climb Mt. Everest – and yes, reports say officials will actually check packs for compliance.

What is the Human Waste Problem on Mt. Everest?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with leave-no-trace practices, including digging a hole to do your business somewhere away from your camp and water sources. However, the extreme weather conditions of Everest and other peaks leave adventure-seekers with few options to do their duty. It’s nearly impossible to dig a hole when the ground is frozen solid, the air is thin, and hurricane-force winds prevent you from covering your crap. Plus, you won’t want to go too far from your camp and risk your survival.

At South Col, the highest camp before the summit, human waste has become a visible eyesore and a human health issue. The temperatures at higher elevations – particularly between Camp 2 and Camp 4 – prevent human waste from fully degrading. As you push your body to its physical limits, the last thing you want is to get E. coli, cholera, giardiasis, or even rotavirus.

This makes collapsible waste bags essential for climbers everywhere.

Cleanwaste: The Choice Poop Bags for Mountain Climbers

For 25 years, Cleanwaste has served adventure-seekers, selling over 16 million toilet kits to clients across the globe. Our Poo Powder® blends a NASA-developed super-absorbing agent that gels completely, locking in and deodorizing liquid and solid waste within 6-10 seconds so you can pack it away and get back to climbing. This makes our products the perfect snow climbing poop bag for mountain climbers.

Climbers Want Environmentally Friendly Poop Bags

As a climber, you care about the environment you seek to explore. Rest easy knowing that our Poo Powder® includes a decay catalyst, is odorless, and is non-toxic. We also add a starch derivative to our bags that helps it break down quickly under landfill conditions.

Easy to Use, Easy-to-Pack WAG Bag for Extreme Conditions

If you’re preparing to climb Mt. Everest – or even a slightly less-daunting peak – you need low-maintenance, durable, easy-to-pack collapsible poop bags. Your go-to Mt. Everest poop bag is the Original WAG Bag. These are the best snow-climbing poop bags available – simply place them on the ground and do your business. And with a bag you can use 3-4 times (holding up to 32 oz. of waste), you can calculate and plan for packing just what you need. These leak proof bags hold up to 40% more than competitors, making these economical, lightweight poop bags perfect for packing-in and packing-out.

Affordable Poop Bags for Your Next Climb

Try before you climb without breaking the bank! You can buy the Original WAG Bag for your next mountain ascent at most places you would get your gear. Depending on the retailer, you can get 15 lightweight waste bags for 30-40 dollars. You can even purchase our Poo Powder® to sprinkle on top between uses to extend the use of the bag.

The newest Mt. Everest rule is gaining popularity on peaks around the globe, so don’t be caught unprepared on your next ascent. Make sure you add the best poop bags for climbers to your cart today, and explore more Cleanwaste products that can help you go with confidence.

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