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2024 Travel Essentials – Your Go-to Emergency Roadside Kit


Since 1999, Cleanwaste has cemented a reputation for top-notch quality and superior customer service. As the trusted resource in providing efficient bathroom solution products, Cleanwaste is proud to service people from all walks of life. From the U.S. Military to avid campers, to fishers and festival goers, Cleanwaste’s products make lives easier.

Cleanwaste Products You Can’t Live Without

A high-powered flashlight or an extra quart of 5W-30 are standard examples of emergency roadside kit of essentials – but what if you simply can’t hold it any longer? That’s right, we’ve all been there. The dreaded exit 5 miles away. The uneven road putting unfriendly amounts of pressure on your bladder. Cleanwaste is the solution.

The Wag Bag®

Also known as the original Wag Bag®, Cleanwaste’s GO Anywhere Toilet Kit is the only bathroom solutions kit equipped with a NASA-developed gelling agent that traps, deodorizes, and breaks down human waste. Dedicated to making the user’s life more efficient, the kit also includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer, making it the complete GO Anywhere kit.

Looking for the freedom to go anywhere? Take the Wag Bag® with you!

GO Anywhere Privacy Shelter/PUP

Focused on being the premier bathroom solutions company, Cleanwaste gets it, you don’t want to be seen doing your business in an emergency situation. That’s why we created the GO Anywhere Privacy Shelter, designed and engineered to give you the space and privacy you deserve. Take advantage of relieving yourself in public…but really in private. Check out the PUP!

GO Anywhere Portable Toilet®

While the exclusivity of the Wag Bag® is hard to ignore, the GO Anywhere Portable Toilet® is a more advanced bathroom emergency solution. This device is the perfect combination of user-friendly and discreet. The seven-pound compactable toilet has the capacity to support up to 500 lbs. on any terrain.

Use it, seal it, and toss the human waste bag in the trash. And voilá, an emergency vanished.

Keep your bottom clean with Cleanwaste’s GO Anywhere Portable Toilet®!

Who’s Best-Suited for Cleanwaste’s Bathroom Solution Products?

While this blog covered a few of Cleanwaste’s products that could (and should) be used in any emergency roadside situation, these products are convenient for anything and anyone. If you’re an avid camper, dedicated hiker, festival goer, RV enthusiast, or just trying to prepare for the unexpected, let Cleanwaste’s products make your life easier.

Build your emergency roadside kit today!

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