Confidently Clean For All

At Cleanwaste, we design innovative, easy to use products that take care of human waste in a reliable, and environmentally friendly way. Whether you’re at a rock festival or an electronic festival, Cleanwaste has products for all walks of life.


Easy to use

Odor Free

Whether at a music festival or camping under the stars, Cleanwaste has reliable solutions that fit your waste needs. No need to wait in line for the traditional porta potty option, Cleanwaste comes to you. Our portable products are easy to use and help prevent the spread of deadly bacteria and diseases.

Since 1999, we’ve proudly served various industries and locations around the world. Today, over 16 million toilet kits have been sold to music lovers, nature lovers, and everyone in between.



Our products prevent splashing, turn liquid to solid, and contain deodorizing agents developed by NASA.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty and responsibility so that we can respect the Earth and ourselves.


We’re a proud corporate sponsor of the “Leave No Trace” movement and we’re a proud partner of the National Park Service.


Cleanwaste products are portable, lightweight, sanitary and effective in helping to stop the spread of disease.

Go Anywhere Backpack showing all components.

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No matter where or when a restroom is out of reach, unsafe, or unsanitary, be prepared with the Cleanwaste Complete GO Anywhere Toilet System. The perfect fit for those looking for a safe, private, portable, easy, green option. So whether you’re outside for work or play, breathe easy when “nature calls”, you’ve got a place to go.

Sold out
Large Poo Powder package from the front

Sold out
Go Anywhere Toilet Kit packaging shown from front.

Sold out
Large Poo Powder package from the front

Sold out
Go Anywhere Toilet Kit packaging shown from front.

We think we’re pretty rad, but don’t just take it from us.
See what others have to say.

“Blissful relief! My buddy said that we should aim for ‘dumping with dignity’, and the Cleanwaste system delivered exactly this. We could relieve ourselves with confidence and even dare I say joy. We felt like a million bucks coming out of the privacy tent.”

"We took the Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Total System to a music festival last weekend and it was a GAME CHANGER! We had our own portable toilet right next to our tent. We didn't have to venture to find a bathroom / porta potty whenever we had to go - at night and in the mornings was the best having it right there. It was so quick and easy. The entire system fit into one backpack and didn't take up very much room in our car.”

Go with the flow

We all go to the bathroom. It’s the when and where that becomes the problem. Cleanwaste products are specifically designed to take care of human waste in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. Our goal is to respect Earth and humankind. Whether you’re at a crowded music festival or backpacking through a national park, Cleanwaste has products that go where you go.

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