The Best Tool for Hospital Waste Management

Let’s face it. Some pretty gross stuff happens in hospitals. Sure, they’re just natural byproducts of everyday life, but they can be big problems for patients and caregivers.

These human waste products can spread disease, which is especially problematic for immune-compromised patients and for the caregivers helping with the disposal.

The Cleanwaste Sani-Bag+® offers various uses that protect medical professionals and those in their care from human waste-related illnesses.

Let’s dive deeper into how this single tool can help with hospital waste management.

Consider the lowly catheter bag. After it’s done the job asked of it, what happens next? Waste needs to be disposed of in a separate urinal container or bedpan, which will need to be sanitized with bleach and water after every use.

With Sani-Bag+, nurses no longer need to ask patients to stand up and make the trip to the bathroom. The drainage tube can be positioned so that the urine drains directly into the bag

Draining a catheter bag or a colostomy bag becomes an easy task. After all, nurses have more important tasks than sanitizing urinal containers or bedpans.

The collected liquid waste activates the gelling process and eliminates all worries of spilling or sloshing. Even if the waste bag drops on the floor, there won’t be a mess.

Postoperative Vomit, All Bagged Up  

Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) after surgery is real. 

Our Sani-Bag+ can save the day … not to mention your nose. Each bag is filled with a powder that solidifies the waste into a gel. Natural enzymes neutralize bacteria and odor, making it the perfect vomit bag.

Just give our Sani-Bag+ to your patients with post-surgery nausea and let them have at it. They can then seal it up and toss it so they can move on to feeling better — without feeling embarrassment. 

The bags are puncture-resistant, spill-proof, odor-free, and can hold up to 950 ml of liquid. Don’t all four sound like heaven when trying to capture and dispose of the aforementioned bodily fluids?

A Solution from Urine to Stool to Vomit

Just like with our disposable catheter bag, our polymers and enzymes neutralize the situation when it’s time for No. 2 in the hospital. Yes, even solid waste is converted into a deodorized gel.

Bedridden patients or patients with ostomy bags will have peace in knowing that the problem has been solved for them with Cleanwaste’s ingenuity and superior technology.

And there’s no worry about disposal. All waste bags are made with non-toxic materials. They can be thrown into a regular trash can and are landfill-safe

Don’t believe us? 

Watch this video to see a Sani-Bag+ in action and get in touch if you are interested in receiving FREE samples so you can see it for yourself.

Medical-Grade Solutions That Go Far Beyond Just Holding Waste

With Cleanwaste’s complete line of hospital waste management products, your patients can go with dignity, and you can say bye-bye to washing and sanitizing urinal containers and bedpans.

Years of research have gone into our medical-grade products' safety, reliability, and durability. Cleanwaste is an industry leader in the innovation of safe, convenient products that allow users to manage waste in a dignified, reliable, and environmentally-friendly way. 

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