Solving an Essential Problem for Police Officers: Bathroom Breaks

At Cleanwaste, we always want to acknowledge everyday heroes, and police officers definitely rank at the top of the list. They put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe, and the least we can do is try to make their important jobs a little easier

Most people probably don’t realize this, but there are a myriad of inconveniences that get in the way of their responsibilities. One of the most annoying, uncomfortable, and unhealthy of these is needing to find a bathroom while out on patrol.

It’s a bigger problem than you would think. They don’t show this stuff on police procedurals or crime dramas on TV. Watching an officer wait on an automatic hand dryer to get the job done isn’t a ratings bonanza, but in the real world, these moments matter.   

  • There are health concerns at hand. Holding it in for the sake of public safety isn’t safe (or fair) for the officer. 
  • Also, a police officer’s safety, and that of the people they serve, depends on their ability to concentrate and eliminate needless distractions. 


Officers on the Lookout for a Loo

Police officers never know for sure what scenarios they’ll face while they’re out protecting and serving each day, and they don’t always have access to regular bathroom facilities.

Sure, they may be able to stake out go-to bathrooms on their regular routes (see what we did there?), but not all officers are lucky enough to be assigned to an area rich with coffee shops or hotel lobbies. Also, while we sleep soundly at night and stores are closed, officers on patrol have even less options to choose from.

While some of us may be able to quickly and easily attend to our business behind a tree, the simple truth is, it’s actually against the law to answer nature’s call out in public. It’s not a great look to get caught with your pants down when part of your job is making sure other people keep theirs on. It’s just unthinkable for an officer to get caught this way. 

May we present the Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Total System—the way to protect and serve the bladder in the midst of a long shift. This complete system has everything an officer needs when a proper facility isn’t available. It’s safe, sanitary, stores easily in the trunk of any patrol car, and weighs in at a measly 18 pounds! 

Until now, the only officer we know who’s solved the toilet-access problem for law enforcement is Robocop. Unless officers favor replacing their inner plumbing with robot parts (A: not possible, B: we don’t want to know how that worked), portable toilet solutions are the answer.

The GO Anywhere Total System Supports Police Officers with Everything They Need in the Field

It includes:

  • 1 GO Anywhere Portable Toilet - This has all the comfort, height, and ease of a standard toilet with no assembly required. It’s compact, lightweight, and supports up to 500 pounds.

  • 1 GO Anywhere Privacy Shelter - It’s portable, roomy, and easily deployed. The shelter provides privacy whenever and wherever it’s needed.


  • 15 GO Anywhere Toilet Kits - Each comes complete with a secure puncture-resistant  WAG Bag, Poo Powder® Gelling/Deodorizing Agent, toilet paper, and a sanitizing wipe.

  • 1 Large Transport Bag for disposal of used kits. 

  • A backpack to store it all!

With this gear, officers have everything they need on hand to find a clean, private, and legal way to find relief in the field. 

But please, don’t thank us. It’s all in the line of doody. (Forgive us. Poo puns are how we make it through the day.) 

Police Officers’ Health and Dignity Are No Laughing Matters

Listen, we like cracking jokes about the portable toilet business. This industry makes it impossible to turn off your inner five-year-old. But we’re serious about real heroes having all the tools they need to focus on their jobs.

With everything police officers have to worry about, being able to use the restroom when they need to should never be a concern. To learn more about how Cleanwaste waste bags help police, first responders, and the military perform their jobs better, check out our full product line here.

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