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The 6 Most Important Things to Bring When Primitive Camping

We’ve all heard the phrase “roughing it” in relation to going camping in the great outdoors, but did you know there’s an actual name for this style of camping?

Primitive camping refers to camping in remote sites where creature comforts like running water, electricity, flushable toilets, and sometimes even cellphone reception are unavailable. For many outdoor lovers, the popularity of this style of camping is on the rise.

While this is a great option for people who want an ultra-private, peaceful way to commune with nature, it’s definitely not an activity to jump into on a whim. Before going primitive camping, it’s vital to prepare accordingly

Here are just a few of the absolute must-have camping gear items to take on your primitive camping trip!

While we know the idea of sleeping under the stars sounds very romantic, you’ll definitely want to bring a tent to keep you and your belongings covered

Be sure to pack a small, simple tent. The idea is for you to be able to stay dry in bad weather, but not have to spend hours setting it up upon arrival.
Sleeping Bag

Your tent is crucial for staying dry and sheltered, but a sleeping bag is essential for staying warm. Plus, don’t forget to pack a sleeping pad for insulation as well as comfort! You don’t want to spend the whole night tossing and turning à la “The Princess and the Pea.”
Camping Stove

Unless you’re planning on subsisting entirely on jerky and Clif Bars your whole trip, you’ll want to include a camping stove on your gear checklist

Since camping stoves depend on portable fuel instead of electricity, they’re perfect for primitive camping. Don’t forget to pack utensils, cookware, and other cooking gear, too!
First Aid Kit

Since primitive camping often involves traveling to pretty remote areas, it’s important to do like the Boy Scouts and “always be prepared.” 

This means packing a first aid kit full of any supplies you’ll need in the event of illness or injury. You’ll be glad to have them, should the need arise.
Survival Gear

Even though most primitive campers want a peaceful vacay instead of the “Bear Grylls experience,” it’s a good idea to keep backup survival gear in your pack for emergencies

This is especially true if long day hikes are on the agenda. Since most gear will stay behind at camp, a small, portable set of survival gear that you can easily bring along in your pack is a wise choice.
WAG Bags®

When primitive camping, it’s a given that there will be no bathroom, so you’ll want to be sure to include WAG Bags® on your must-pack list.

A WAG Bag® (Waste Alleviation and Gelling Bag) is a disposable human waste bag, like the Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag system.

These waste bags are a convenient, portable, and sanitary solution for outdoor relief. 

  • Each bag is filled with a powder that gels and solidifies waste.
  • The powder also acts as a decay catalyst, using natural enzymes to break down waste

and neutralize bacteria and odor.

  • Each bag can be safely disposed of in any trash can after use! All of our bags are landfill-safe.
  • And if they need to be carried with you after use, you can be sure they won’t leak or carry any unpleasant odor. WAG Bags® are super sturdy and seal up tight. 

Cleanwaste is an industry leader in the innovation of safe, convenient products which allow users to manage waste in a dignified, reliable, and environmentally friendly way. 

Make Sure All of Your Primitive Camping Gear Needs Are Covered!

Our solutions are perfect for any outdoor adventure! No matter where life takes you, Cleanwaste goes where you go.

To learn more about how Cleanwaste provides you with a safer, more sanitary solution when camping out, check out our full product line here.

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