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Guide to Planning Your RV Trip

Whether as part of a family camping excursion, a cross-country jaunt around America, or just a weekend road trip a few hours away, RVs continue to be a popular choice for travelers looking to see the world in style. 

Planning an RV trip is choosing the life of the nomad traveler. You can go just about anywhere your budget and imagination can take you, and you can have most of the comforts of home: climate-controlled environment, comfortable beds and furniture, television, internet access, and a full kitchen complete with running water. 

This guide will help you plan your ultimate RV vacation, equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to ensure your trip is all it can be. 

Your RV: Rent or Buy?

RV owners obsess over their vehicles.  It’s a significant investment, and you want to get your money’s worth. If you’re an RV owner, chances are you’ve experienced the van life and want more.

But maybe you’re new to the game and want to dip your toes into the water before you swim. That would be the time to try out an RV rental. Motorhome rentals generally run upwards of $450 per night depending on the amenities. 

If that isn’t in your budget, older models rent for $150-$275 per night depending on class, or you can rent a trailer or fifth wheel for under $150 nightly. 

Hitting the Road: Where to Park?

So what’s the point of owning an RV — the journey or the destination? While this chicken-egg argument can have different answers based on who you’re asking, you do need to find a place to pop a squat every night. (And fueling a mobile home can be quite expensive!) 

Really, the sky’s the limit, depending on what you’re hoping to see. National parks, campgrounds, and resorts are all popular places to park your rig for a night or three, and booking early can save you time, money, and stress. If you have a location in mind, reserve your spot as far ahead as possible, because openings can fill up quickly. 

If you’re looking to boondock — which is essentially camping without electrical and water hookups at a non-campground — it’s doable in an RV, but it can be tricky. You’ll need to do research about places that allow overnight parking, or you could get into a little trouble. The price is right (free), but the amenities are lacking. Do some research if you want to try boondocking.

Packing Up: What Should We Bring?

The biggest trick to packing an RV is efficiency. You have a ton of space, so there may be a temptation to load the RV to the gills with all the finest amenities of home. 

And, to be sure, there is absolutely room for extra drinks, pillows, clothes, and the like. But you should mostly pack essentials, and leave extraneous things behind. 

You’ll certainly want to bring emergency supplies like a map, compass, first-aid kit, and flashlights. Also, don’t forget toilet paper, pots and pans, bungee cords, and a charger for your phones/mobile devices. 

Planning Activities: What to Do?

This depends on where you’re going. Are you into hiking or rock climbing? Boating or swimming? 

Archery or shooting? RV parks and campgrounds often have a lot of activities of the normal camping variety, but if you’re parking in more urban areas, you might want to explore the city, go to a museum, or find local landmarks or eateries. 

The best advice to heed during a trip is to enjoy the journey.  Give yourself the opportunity to roam. Be spontaneous and experience new things.

They are chosen for family camping trips, cross-country journeys, or short weekend getaways.xcitement to your trip. 

Helpful Hints

When you’re hitting the open road, being prepared is certainly important, but so is flexibility. It gives you the opportunity to experience new things, find better food and local haunts, and turn your trip into an adventure. Here are some hints to make your RV trip a long-lasting experience. 

Be prepared:

Anticipate the things you’ll need and bring them along when possible. Having the right tools for whichever job you take on can mean the difference between fun and misery.

Be spontaneous: 

While preparation is important, you’ll also want to be able to explore the city or landscape in a more unstructured way. Don’t forget to visit some of the hottest waterfronts.

Pace yourself: 

If it’s your first time taking an RV trip, don’t stretch it too far. Driving a large vehicle on busy roads can be stressful for someone not used to it, especially if there’s a group with you in a small space. Limit your first trips to just a couple of days to make things easier on yourself.

Embrace the adventure:

RV driving can move at a slower pace than in a smaller vehicle, and its size also limits its agility, meaning wrong turns may add time to your journey. Learn to appreciate where you are.

Be frugal: 

There are plenty of strategies for saving money on your RV Road Trip, including off-season traveling (RV trips in the winter can be fun too, just don’t forget those secondary winter essentials), finding the best gas prices (there are apps for that!), booking your trips well ahead of time, and avoiding buying new things on the ride.

Bringing your own food and snacks, for example, helps you pinch pennies and avoids extra costs from eating out and buying expensive convenience-store food. 

During a roadtrip out on the open road, part of the adventure is being left to your own devices. Adding Cleanwaste products to your RV’s supply list means saving time and effort by avoiding the need to find public restrooms or use the one onboard toilet (which leads to emptying the tank more frequently). 

Whether you’re on a hike, out in a remote area, living in a van conversion or boondocking, you want to save your onboard restroom for when you need it (and reduce trips to the dumping station). Using Cleanwaste’s Toilet in a Bag® can help you dispose of your waste in an easy, sanitary manner. 

Browse Cleanwaste’s entire line of products. Your RV inventory list won’t be complete without them! And don’t forget your sweater dresses and wool coats.

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