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    Make sure you stay safe from unexpected visitors with the farthest-reaching bear repellant. The Counter Assault formula is the “hottest” formula allowed by law and help to disable a bear’s ability to smell and see. The seven second spray time lasts longer than most competitors and could be essential when defending yourself against bears charging from different directions.

    What’s included: 8.1 oz bottle

    + 8.1 oz bottle.

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    Camping, hiking, cycling, field work, rafting, outdoor recreation.


    “Worked great on an unusually aggressive 100+ish pound mountain lion in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. I'll never take run or hike without this stuff in my hand. Glad I had it. OK range for its intended use. When I think about ever having to use this stuff on a charging grizzly bear my stomach gets that sinking feeling. Good thing I don't have to worry about those big fellas in CO or NM.”
    Brad - Amazon.com
    “My old standby as the first line of defense against those bears deep in the woods of MT/ID. Used this brand twice on black bear (2) in WA and they went running (and bawling)."
    Thomas Hopper - Amazon.com