Essential Equipment for First Responders During Wildfires

At Cleanwaste, we believe in celebrating heroes, and firefighters and first responders are obviously no exception.

They put their own lives on the line every day when saving people, property, and our environment as they battle everything from housefires to massive wildfires. In addition to rigorous training, tremendous bravery and preparedness are essential to their jobs

When firefighters respond to a wildfire, they often don’t know the severity of the situation or even how long they’ll be battling a blaze. This is why it’s imperative for them to be ready for long days and nights away from basic necessities like electricity and running toilets.


An Inventory of Critical Gear for Firefighters 

I mean, just get a load of this list! As if weighty safety gear and large hoses weren’t enough to worry about, this just reminds us of the heavy burden these heroes carry to be ready to save lives. Even Iron Man doesn’t carry this much stuff around!

These are the top items firefighters should always carry with them:

  •       Personal Flashlights
  •       Door Wedges
  •       Extra Flash Hood
  •       Heavy-Duty Work Gloves
  •       Hose Straps
  •       Snagger Tool
  •       Shove Knife
  •       Multi-tools
  •       Earplugs
  •       Escape Rope
  •       WagBag® and Portable Toilet

Carrying most of these items probably isn’t surprising for a firefighter, but that last one might seem out of left field. Toilets? During a five-alarm fire, who even has time to think about that? (Though lord knows we’ve nearly wet ourselves watching what these heroes face on the news.)  

The truth is, even heroes have to go to the bathroom in an emergency, and there’s no such thing as calling a time-out when lives are on the line.

Firefighters may be the bravest of the brave, but they’re still human. If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that the human digestive tract asks for attention at the worst possible times. 


The WAG Bag®—A Necessary Tool for Wildfire Response

A WAG Bag® (Waste Alleviation and Gelling Bag) is the disposable human waste bag. And yup, that means exactly what you think it does. It’s a bag for catching and disposing of human waste. 

Since so many wildfires happen in remote areas, there’s a solid chance there won’t be a bathroom to be found for miles. (Or, you know, the actual bathroom could be on fire too.) 

Even if they could locate one, the valuable time it would take for a firefighter or first responder to find and use a bathroom could cost lives. (Let’s face it. No matter how much you may have complained about certain experiences in the bathroom, the stakes for you have never been that high.)

Because they can’t drop everything to go searching for indoor plumbing, Cleanwaste products offer a safe and sanitary solution wherever duty calls.


Ideal Types of WagBag® Bags and Accessories for Firefighters

The Cleanwaste Pee-Wee Unisex Urine Bag is a super compact, individually packaged bag for liquid waste and can be used by both male and female first responders, ensuring everyone has a comfortable, sanitary way to go.

Don’t be fooled by the Pee-Wee name. This little bag is powerful. It contains a unique blend of enzymes and polymers that convert urine into a deodorized gel, and each bag can hold up to 24 ounces of urine! That’s larger than a venti coffee at Starbucks, for anyone keeping track. If you can pee that much at one time, you’ll probably win something somewhere—free coffee, maybe.


The GO Anywhere Portable Toilet is the answer for both liquid and solid waste. 

Seriously, this thing can go anywhere you (and your bladder) can take it. This compact toilet weighs in at only seven pounds and folds into a standard briefcase size. It provides the comfort, height, and ease of using a standard toilet. It also supports up to 500 pounds and is stable on uneven ground. Are you impressed yet? Can you support up to 500 pounds while staying stable on uneven ground?

But that’s not all! There is no mixing, messy chemical waste storage tank, or dump station required. You quickly install a new disposable bag. Then you use it, seal it, and toss it in the trash.

All of our bags are approved for landfill use. They are leakproof and seal up tight. And because they’re non-toxic, they’re safe enough to store so you can dispose of them at a later time. There’s no odor, either. You could set this thing next to your colleague’s lunch, and they’d never know it. Now, for the sake of your friendship, you know, don’t do that. But technically, you could. 


WAG Bag®—Not JUST for Firefighters and First Responders 

We’ve covered how crucial it is for our firefighting heroes to have a safe and sanitary place to relieve themselves in the middle of an emergency, but they’re actually not the only ones that benefit from portable toilets. WAG Bag® bags are also a perfect solution for the survivors and brave volunteers.

And here’s one I bet you’ve never thought of: WAG Bag® bags are ideal for helicopter pilots providing support from above. C’mon, no one should be stuck in the air with a full bladder.


First Responders Having Access to WAG Bag® Is Serious Stuff 

We tend to joke about the portable toilet business because our inner six-year-olds never really left us. But we’re on an honest, earnest quest to help real heroes be prepared to save lives.

The WAG Bag® has truly been an overlooked need by many organizations, and it’s

one that allows firefighters to better concentrate on fighting fires and saving lives.


To learn more about how Cleanwaste waste bags help first responders, the military, and

government agencies perform their jobs better, check out our full product line here.

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