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We hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty and responsibility so that we can respect the Earth and ourselves. You can depend on us to bring you clean, safe, dignified solutions so you can go about your day with peace of mind. Wherever you go, we want to be there.


Being environmentally responsible is paramount at Cleanwaste. We’re a proud corporate sponsor of the “Leave No Trace” movement—an environmental group dedicated to ethical principles that help reduce the negative impact people can have on the natural world.


These aren’t just a bunch of bags. Our products contain waste-control technology that helps keep people clean and safe. We have products that prevent splashing, turn liquid to solid, and contain deodorizing agents developed by Mother Nature herself. Cleanwaste products are portable, lightweight, sanitary and effective in helping to stop the spread of disease.


Since 1999, we’ve built a reputation for quality and service. One that has made us a trusted partner to multiple branches of the U.S. military, and required in environmentally sensitive locations around the world— Mt. Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu and Mt. Whitney, to name a few. Over 16 million toilet kits have been sold to clients in the United States and across the globe.


“We call this product "the game changer" because it has truly made our camping experience more comfortable…the light-weight, compact, easy set-up design makes using the PETT a no-brainer. The disposable bag system is very smart and simple. I highly recommend this product.”

“Don't want to use the public restrooms or pit toilets at campsites during a pandemic? Buy this kit!…This is comfort and luxury for off-road adventures!”

"As over-the-road truck drivers, my husband and I greatly appreciate this product. There are many places and situations where we would be very uncomfortable if we did not have the use of portable toilet facilities. The fact that they are environmentally friendly makes it even better!"