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    If you’re looking for the most sanitary, safe, and environmentally friendly liner option, look no further than Sani-Bag+®. Sani-Bag+® contains a NASA-developed gelling agent that helps prevent splash backs, spills, and contact with waste to keep everyone safe and clean. Clean-up is as easy as tying up the bag and tossing in your normal trash. Sani-Bag+® is the only product that contains a deodorizing agent and the only product that can deliver a 99.9% effective barrier preventing the spread of disease such as E.coli, C. diff, and MRSA.

    What’s included: Sani-Bag+®, Poo Powder® gelling/deodorizing agent.

    + Each waste kit gels up to 32 oz. + Good for multiple uses. + Fits standard and bariatric size commodes and bedpans. 
    Available in:
    10 Pack,  10 x 10-Packs,  50 Bulk Pack,  100 Pack Individually Wrapped,  200 Bulk Pack
    + Place liner in commode or bedpan. + Spread open liner to expose waste treatment powder.  + After use remove liner from commode or bed pan by lifting handles of Sani-Bag+®.  + Carefully tie handles of Sani-Bag+® shut. + Dispose in normal trash 
    Watch a demo to see our product in action.

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    Home Healthcare, Acute care, Long term care, Hospice and Hospitals


    Outdoor recreation, Road trips, Sporting events, Concerts, Tailgating


    Remote FOBs, On training rotations or transports


    On the road, Long-haul trucks, On the job, Construction sites


    Natural disasters, In emergency kits, Fire fighting, In emergency vehicles



    “A much more sanitary, convenient way to use a commode chair. The bags are large enough to fit around the bucket portion of a commode chair without stretching or tears.”
    PachPecan -
    “I think this is a great product to use on a commode chair or bed pan for your loved one. I use it for my 94-year-old mother. It's an easy cleanup process. The gel in the bags really keeps the odor down and absorbs all the moisture into a gel format that all you do is just roll up the bag and tie it, and you just toss it into the trash can. There is no mess with this product.”
    Muff Buff -
    “Excellent product! Makes clean up a cinch. Odor control is great! Have tried other products but this is the best both in usage and cost.”
    Lr37890 -