Hygiene in Disasters: A Case for Cleanwaste Solutions

When natural disasters strike, the trauma they inflict is not just physical; it's environmental too. These calamities can disrupt the existing waste management systems, leading to the accumulation of waste, and a spike in health risks. 


This article will discuss the importance of maintaining hygiene and sanitation during natural disasters, explore recent incidents where waste removal was a significant issue, and highlight how eco-friendly solutions like those provided by Cleanwaste could help alleviate these problems.


The Significance of Hygiene and Sanitation in Natural Disasters

Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation is crucial during a disaster. The chaos often leads to the accumulation of waste, which becomes a breeding ground for disease-causing pathogens. According to the World Health Organization, poor sanitation and contaminated water are linked to the transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio.


Waste Management Challenges in Recent Natural Disasters

The summer of 2023 saw several natural disasters across the US, each presenting unique waste management challenges.


The Burning Man festival held in Nevada was hit by unanticipated heavy rainfall, leaving over 70,000 participants strand. With limited access to basic amenities, maintaining sanitation became a pressing issue. 


Festival-goers were encouraged to ration food and water, with reports surfacing of individuals resorting to the use of plastic bags for discarding waste.


In Florida and Texas, hurricanes and flooding led to considerable complications in waste management. Rubble from ruined homes and structures, along with the interruption of local waste disposal services, resulted in waste accumulation in communal areas. 


Meanwhile, wildfires in Hawaii intensified the waste issue, leaving behind substantial quantities of ash and debris.

Hygiene in Disasters: A Case for Cleanwaste Solutions


The Cleanwaste Solution

Cleanwaste offers a range of eco-friendly products that can be invaluable in such situations. These products, which include portable toilets, waste bags, and privacy shelters, are not only durable but also easy to use and environmentally friendly. 


The GO Anywhere Toilet Kit, for example, is a complete solution for waste disposal. It includes a waste bag with Poo Powder, which gels waste, controls odors, and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid waste. This product could have been a game-changer at Burning Man, providing an easy, hygienic, and environmentally friendly waste disposal method.

Hygiene in Disasters: A Case for Cleanwaste Solutions



While we cannot prevent natural disasters, we can certainly prepare for them. Having access to effective waste management solutions like those provided by Cleanwaste can help mitigate health risks and make a significant difference in disaster-stricken areas. By reducing waste and practicing sustainable living, we can contribute to a safer, cleaner environment, even in the face of adversity.


To learn more about how Cleanwaste's products can enhance sanitation during disasters and contribute to a cleaner environment, visit Cleanwaste's website.

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