Best Disposable Vomit Bags for Hospitals

Did you know that many patients experience Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) after surgery? Typically occurring within the first 24 hours post-surgery, around 20-30 percent of patients find themselves vomiting post-op and approximately 50 percent of patients experiencing nausea after discharge. 

Anesthesia, post-surgery pain medications, and even surgeries can leave patients lunging for the nearest bucket or bag. This is why the vomit bag is an integral and often overlooked piece of equipment.

How do you build a better bag?

So, what’s the big deal? We’re literally talking about bags — bags to vomit in. We’ve seen those on airplanes for years, and you probably think this can’t possibly be a complicated choice. 

That’s where you’re wrong, my friend! Not all vomit bags are created equal, and when a patient is about to throw up, the last thing you want is a bag that’s not up to the challenge. This is especially true in a medical environment or inpatient recovery, where sanitary conditions are paramount.

Here are a couple of crucial points to keep in mind when choosing the best vomit bag for your patients’ need:

Is the bag easy to use?

You must take into consideration whether or not a bag is easy to use in a hurry. A patient shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they can even break into their sick bag when the urge hits. This shouldn’t be like those disposable deli containers that look so weak but refuse to open.

Will the bag hold up?

As if throwing up isn’t bad enough, imagine the insult to injury that comes from a bargain bag breaking in a bind (say that five times fast). You’ll want a sturdy bag that’s both leak-proof and waterproof.

Think about that bag in the airplane seat. It doesn’t really look that sturdy or secure. Does it? 

Most motion sickness bags are made from either plastic or paper, so you’ll want to be sure your plastic bags are strong, or your paper bags have a quality waterproof coating.

What’s their capacity?

In most cases, vomit bags hold 1000-2000 ml of liquid, so make sure your bags have what it takes to avoid overflow

How well does it close? (And stay closed?) 

Closure isn’t just important after a bad breakup; it’s crucial for vomit bags. If you have a bag with a lackluster seal, you risk spillage and exposing germs (not to mention the smell factor).

When it comes to your vomit bags, settle for nothing less than Fort Knox.

Sooooo which bags are the best to buy?

Now that you know everything you didn’t know you needed to know about vomit bags, how will you know which ones to get? We’ve compiled a short list of sick bag solutions from a few brands to get you pointed in the right direction.

PukeBag Disposable Vomit Bag

First up is a cost-effective, travel-friendly disposable bag that comes in packs of 50.

These weigh in at a petite 1.37 pounds for the full pack of 50 bags and can hold more than 1500 ml of vomit. They have a secure and convenient closure system — just twist the bag and secure the notched ring to prevent leakage.

HealQu Disposable Vomit Bag 

These bags have an ergonomic design that is great in an emergency.

At a measly 0.25 pounds for a pack of 24 bags, they have a 1000 ml capacity and boast a similar twist and notched-ring closure solution.

VNS Creations Disposable Vomit Bag

This is actually a paper bag coated with a special leak-resistant, polyethylene layer, making it waterproof.

These hold up to 2L and feature a metal tab closure system. Each pack contains 50 bags.

Cleanwaste Sani-Bag+

While those above are serviceable options, our money is on the Sani-Bag+. It’s not just a bag, it’s actually a WAG Bag. 

What’s a WAG Bag, you say? We thought you’d never ask!

WAG (short for “waste alleviation and gelling”) bags are a convenient, portable, and sanitary solution when you need to throw up. 

These go far beyond just holding waste. Each bag is filled with a powder that gels and solidifies the vomit, using natural enzymes to neutralize bacteria and odor.

Plus, these bad boys can hold up to 950 ml of liquid, and there are packs available in several quantity options.

Get Your WAG Bags® from a Reliable Manufacturer

When the time has come to throw up, no one wants a messy, smelly leak, which is why WAG Bags are the way to go. Not all bags are created equal, and quality matters when you’re toting around “delicate” material.   

We should know. We’re the creators of the original WAG Bag®, and years of research went into developing the safety, reliability, and durability of our bags. Cleanwaste doesn’t just have a near-perfect satisfaction rate. We’re an industry leader in the innovation of safe, convenient products that allow users to manage waste in a dignified, reliable, and environmentally-friendly way.

Our solutions are perfect for first responders, soldiers, and healthcare patients alike. No matter where life takes you, Cleanwaste goes where you go. To learn more, check out our full product line.

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